Light Family Fellowship (LFF) is one of the four fellowships in Chapel of Christ The Light (CCTL), Alausa, Ikeja-Lagos.

The seed that eventually germinated as ‘Light Family Fellowship’ was planted when the four founding members (Bros. Eniola Adigun, Alozie Ndubuka, Abiodun Aina and Ayo Agbesanwa) came together five and half years ago at the Sunrise Chinese restaurant, Aromire, Ikeja to give life to an idea originally brought up by Bro. Eniola Adigun.
This meeting enabled the participants to share suggestions as to what the fellowship should represent. At the end of that meeting and follow up discussions, the zeal to form a family based fellowship that embraced the coming together of married couples fellowshipping with each other to the glory of God took firm hold.

The then Presiding Chaplain, the late Reverend Canon J.O. Tanimonu of blessed memory was later approached (by the four of us collectively and individually) and the idea sold to him. He took time to think and pray about it and subsequently gave his blessings.

The new fellowship was thus born and introduced to the Church. LFF was then properly dedicated to God in the presence of Church members. By this time, the fellowship had swelled by many more members who shared its vision and mission.

The fellowship at its inaugural meeting elected Bro. Eniola Adigun as its ‘Interim President’ and at a later meeting as the substantive President. He therefore became the first President of the LFF.

Considering the esteemed value the fellowship places on impeccable family life, the following people were appointed as Patrons & Patronesses of the fellowship;

1. Mr & Mrs Babatunde Fowler
2. Dr. & Mrs Akin Akintunji
3. Mr & Mrs ‘Lekan Ogunbanwo

Our first two years as a fellowship saw us enjoy the support and encouragement of the Presiding Chaplain (Revd. Canon J.O. Tanimonu). His prayers and support and the astute leadership of Bro. Adigun successfully steered the fellowship through the teething period following its birth.

Bro. Adigun presided over the fellowship for three years.

Upon the completion of the Presidency of Bro. Adigun, Bro. Ndubuka assumed the Presidency as the second President of LFF. During his two year Presidency, he relentlessly pursued an agenda of studying the Bible during the monthly fellowship meetings on second Sunday  through exhortations that examined challenges within marriages and the society. He also strove to make the fellowship a vehicle to positively touch the lives of the less privileged within and outside the church through Charity works, a tradition that has survived to this day. Beneficiaries of these Charity works included of note the Little saints orphanage (refurbishment and painting of their two storey building at Akowonjo in October 2014).

In January 2016, Bro. Osikoya, Idowu Adegbuyi succeeded Bro. Ndubuka, and thus became the third President of the fellowship. While building upon the achievements of his two predecessors, he has introduced a continuous out of Church fellowship through a WhatsApp group chat platform that has seen members continuously and consistently interact with each other at all times. Also, the Annual Family Day Celebration of the Fellowship holds every last Saturday in July while the fellowship anniversary takes place in October every year.