Hello and welcome to Chapel of Christ The Light. Are you looking for a Bible believing church to worship this coming Sunday, or attending an event at CCTL? Are you thinking of establishing or renewing your faith and commitment to God? Well, whoever and wherever you are on the life’s journey, you are very much welcome at CCTL. We hope our website provide you with some useful information about us. Please see some of our FAQs with answers for your consideration.

In what is believed and educates in this church?

Q: Who is welcomed?

A. The Chapel of Christ The Light is a church of God and as such everyone is welcome to the house of God. Yes! Everyone is welcome including young, old, single, struggling, thriving, married, families, children. Regardless of your background, sex and status you are most welcome.

Q: What is our Christain belief and faith like?

A. We are a Bible believing church and we believe strongly and worship God Almighty in His fullness of glory. Importantly, we believe in Jesus Christ our saviour who made it possible for us to identify and receive the grace of God. We appreciate and acknowledge the Holy Spirit, as a Church and Christians we are obedient to the word of God and we do not think anyone’s past has to determine what their future will be because “if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

Q: What is worship like at CCTL?

A. At CCTL we worship God in the beauty of His Holiness, our Sunday worship starts with a Sunday school teaching. Immediately after the Sunday school service is our ‘Celebration Service’ where the whole church congregation, celebrating God’s love and learning what it means to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ.
During the ‘Celebration Service’ we sing, pray, learn from the Bible. We dedicate our lives to God for God’s wonderful work within and outside our society. All of our church activities are grounded in Christian tradition, if you attend our ‘Celebration Service’, we would give you a warm welcome, but we won’t draw attention to you. We thrive hard to make our services comfortable for our regular members as well as for people worshiping with us for the first time. God loves you, why not come say “thanks!”

Q: Can I come with my children?

A. Yes! We have a vibrant and well organised children church led by dedicated and highly skilled church members. The children church make use of another building within the CCTL premises to enable them concentrate and participate in the teaching of the word of God. Are you interested in bringing your children? Please do not hesitate to contact any of the church usher for more details

Q: Do you have specific uniform or dressing for Sundays?

A. No! Although CCTL is an interdenominational church we do not have a specific dressing on Sunday. Our members are free to dress the way they like, our core priority is winning souls for God. You can wear your native attire, suits and smart casual. Most important is for you to dress comfortably and be happy to listen and share the word of God. Because this is the house of God, CCTL will not accept any indecent dressing, indecent exposure or any form of dressing that do not truly befit the house of God.

Q: Where can I pack my car?

A. We have a big car park within the church premises where you can park your car, it is important you park properly and not block others, do not park on access way and make sure you lock your car. Due to some church events we sometimes experience an overfilled car park, it is important you ask or follow the instructions of the church security for available parking space if there is any. Also if you will be blocking another parked car, do not hesitate to write and leave your contact phone number on your car screen so the affected person can reach you.

Q: What should I expect when I walkthrough the church door?

A. When you walk in through the door, you will likely be greeted by a member of our friendly and dedicated ushering unit. One of the ushers will give you a printed copy of the church bulletin pamphlet and will be happy to answer any immediate questions you have. Perhaps you want to keep a low profile, all you just need to do is walk into the church and quietly sit down. You are free to sit anywhere and enjoy the church service.

Q: What would happen after church?

A. Usually after church people reflects on the word of God, exchange greetings, catch up with church or fellowship meetings as well as getting ready to impact the world with their understanding of the word of God.

Q: How can I become a member of the church?

A. You are welcome to join the church anytime, all it takes is your determination to live your life for God and follow the teaching of Jesus Christ. Also you can approach any of the church usher or any member of the chaplaincy to express your desire to be a member of CCTL. Importantly, you will have to fill a short questionnaire to capture your details onto our church database. We encourage you worship with us in faith, be committed to the word of God and you can be rest assured that God will transform your life for the best.

Q: Other questions?

A. If you have any further questions or you require any clarification, please do not hesitate to call or email us on Tel: 234-8056029065 or info@cctl.church

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