At CCTL, our ushers are dedicated to help usher the people of God and visitors into the church building as well as help maintain an atmosphere of reverence before, during and after the service with an attitude of “ready to-serve”.
In addition to meeting and greeting our congregants with a friendly smile, they also assist with providing directions and information as needed as well as hand out the church bulletins, letters offerings and tithing envelops. They help with the collection of offerings and organising communion possessions.
Do you have a welcoming smile? Are you compassionate and happy to help people? Then, CCTL Ushering department is the right place for you. Please speak to the head of Ushering department or any member of the CCTL ushering unit for more information on how to join this amazing team. You will be amazed at what God Almighty will do through you and for you. “We would rather be doorkeepers in the House of God than to dwell in the tents of wickedness”. (Psalm 84:10).